About Us

The Florida Professional Presenters Consortium, an organization representing performing arts facilities, centers and public venues throughout Florida from Panama City to Key West, is committed to strengthening Florida's economy and communities through the business of culture and education. As an organization, we represent some of the largest cultural institutions in the state - and also some of the smallest, most vital organizations in rural and underserved counties. As a major component of Florida's diverse industries, we contribute significantly to the $1.4 billion impact to the state's economy that the arts and culture generate. We strengthen Florida families through specific programs, provide educational programs benefiting Florida youth and citizens of all ages - frequently free of charge through state grant funding, and are an integral part of the business community.

Our industry generates a substantial source of revenue for the state and drives cultural tourism, which creates another $5.6 billion in gross state product. We work together to strengthen and diversify Florida's economy yet preserve Florida's cultural legacy.