Membership Eligibility

  1. Nonprofit performing arts presenting organizations located in the State of Florida that are actively engaged in the business of “talent buying” are eligible to be members of the Florida Professional Presenters Consortium, Inc. (FPPC).
  2. Member organizations must be either (1) a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, or (2) a unit of a larger nonprofit entity, such as a college or university, or (3) a unit of city or county government.
  3. Membership follows the organization, not the individuals who attend meetings as representatives of the member organizations.
  4. Not eligible for membership are individual artists, performing arts ensembles, producing organizations, talent agents, artist managers, commercial concert promoters, and venues that are strictly rental or co-promote venues.
  5. Member organizations must be active buyers of their own programming, meaning, the organization submits its own offers and takes 100% of the risk.
  6. Dues must be paid by the member organization, and the name and contact information of the member organization is what will be recorded in the records of FPPC.
  7. Individuals who attend FPPC meetings should be employees of a member organization.
  8. Smaller organizations may be represented by a volunteer functioning in a role that would normally be filled by an employee.
  9. Organizations who outsource their talent buying to a consultant or a private company can be represented by such a person, or a representative of such a company, as long as they can substantiate that: (1) the member organization is presenting their own programming, meaning, the organization signs the contracts and takes 100% of the financial risk; (2) the individual or firm is paid a set fee for their talent buying work; (3) the individual or firm does not have a financial stake in the outcome of a show, which would make them a promoter, a co-promoter, or a theatre renter.
  10. Persons who attend FPPC meetings do so in their capacity as representatives of their member organization. Any additional professional interests that such persons may have should not be conducted utilizing FPPC resources, including but not limited to meetings, the web site or the list server. For example, an individual who buys talent for a member organization, but also works as a talent agent, may not utilize FPPC resources to advance his or her artist roster.