Mission and Objectives

The Florida Professional Presenters Consortium is a group of representatives from presenting organizations throughout the state of Florida. The members are executive directors, programming directors, facility or theatre managers and marketing representatives. Organizations from large to small – theatres, colleges and universities, performing art halls, civic facilities, festivals, special events and alternative presenters make up the Consortium.

The member organizations represent an enormous aggregate budget with commensurate economic impact in communities throughout the state of Florida. The audiences serviced by these organizations number more than two million annually. Restaurants, hotels, the local labor force and other area businesses all benefit from Performing Arts events. The ripple effect of increased goods and services provided by these theatres has tremendous impact.

BLOCK BOOKING —Keeping fellow presenters informed on one another’s programming plans minimizes the cost and maximizes the efficiency of bringing performing artists to the state. Planning for long-term schedules enables artists and their managers to develop practical and convenient tours within Florida.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS — Informal sessions enable us to consider public funding, fundraising. Sponsorships, ticket pricing, subscriptions, memberships and taxes. Ideas are exchanged concerning marketing, audience development, educational programming, outreach, residencies, and concessions services.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS — The Consortium organizes seminars and workshops on topics pertinent to the responsibilities of its regular members and specialized workshops to bring together other staff members for stimulation and further networking; i.e. marketing, audience development, education and outreach, customer service for house staff and box office staff and technical theatre.

NETWORKING — Getting to know who does what around the state helps presenters know whom to contact when embarking on a new endeavor and to discover collaborators for new ideas and projects in various areas of presentation.