Membership Benefits

EXPAND YOUR REACH ONLINE - break your theatre's geographical barriers, and the limits of your own marketing, with placement on our website. 

With our arts marketing partner Logograph, we are enhancing the the internet "footprint" of FLA Presenters, the reach, and looking to connections in social media, and in  Canada, to reach our international and seasonal audiences.

BLOCK BOOKING — Minimize the cost and maximizes the efficiency of bringing performing artists to the state by connecting with our network.

GET IDEAS – Ideas are exchanged concerning marketing, audience development, educational programming, outreach, residencies, and concessions services.

DEVELOP PROFESSIONALLY — The Consortium organizes seminars and workshops on topics pertinent to the responsibilities of its regular members and specialized workshops to bring together other staff members for stimulation and further networking.

NETWORKING — Get to know who does what around the state and build your arts and business contacts